My name is Sofee Croucher and I am a stationery addict who loves pop culture, video games and anime. In 2016, I combined my love for notebooks and all things geeky and started to create my own notebooks inspired by my favourite characters and items.

All my notebooks are handmade, including the binding. This gives all my notebooks a unique look as each notebook is not quite the same! The covers are made using either smooth or textured cardstock. Each layer for the design is cut individually and glued together to give it a layered effect. Because of the layered design, every notebook has a protective plastic cover on the front and back. I use a binding machine to punch holes in all the covers and every single page that is in the notebook. Once all the holes are punched, I bind everything together with a sprial wire. My notebooks have very sturdy covers and each have lined pages. They are perfect for showing your love for your fandom while being practical.